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What do junior high school students make money online?

That’s what that guy said.

『The only strength that matters here is the strength of the mind』to be more precise.

And he added『you don’t have enough resolve』.

In other words, in order to win over him in that world – I need to train my mind in order to attain soul dress.

(But… how do I train the『mind』?)

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I have never thought about that.

It’s easy to get an image of how to train your body and polish your swordsmanship. Practice-swings, learn techniques from someone – and such.

But, when it comes to training the mind… it’s quite difficult.

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Silent Meditation? Waterfall Meditation? Or… what else?

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As I was racking my brain over that,

「Now, Allen, this is your chance!」

Sensei clapped her hands twice and cheered.