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When I and Ria said our New Year’s greetings together,

「Happy New Year, Ria-san, Allen-san. Fufu, Ria-san’s kimono is also very beautiful and matches you well.」

The president bowed her head politely, and smiled gently.

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(But to meet the president in a place like this… No, rather, this is natural.)

She is from House『Arcstria』.

It is a distinguished family among distinguished families, which has produced the top executives of the Ringard Imperial Kingdom from generation to generation up to now.

I dare say, they are invited to the Keishinkai almost every year.

While I was thinking about that,

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「After the Christmas party, I understood something clearly.」

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With a soft smile on her face, the president peered into my eyes.

(Yeah… she’s angry.)

It was plain obvious that she was in a bad mood, putting a clear distance between us, and the formal tone.

「Err, um… What did you understood?」

I had a bad feeling, but I asked her just in case.