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Can CG model online upload model make money?

Then, I have got to hear it! Pei Qian searched for discussions on the Top Student, Come Quick’ app while on the phone. He did find many discussions after a bit of searching, but there were not many pessimistic voices! “Top Student, Come Quick: the new age of education!”“Top Student, Come Quick revision eliminates potential safety hazards. This move has to be praised!”

“Top Student, Come Quick, knowledge sharing on its way!” Pei Qian glanced through briefly and felt his heartbeat speed up and cold sweat forming on his forehead.

“Where are the pessimistic voices? Aren’t all of these praises?” Pei Qian asked, perplexed. “Oh, Boss Pei, most of the reports you see are bribed. Some of them were also fake reviewers we hired. A portion of the seven million yuan was spent here...” He Desheng explained hurriedly.

“Boss Pei, I did not come up with this idea! It’s the request of the other investors...”

He Desheng knew that Boss Pei did not like such a publicity method so he pushed the responsibility away decisively.

Pei Qian breathed a sigh of relief. So all these were fake reviewers! That scared me.

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I thought that so many people actually gave good reviews for this project!

There was no need to worry so much since this enthusiasm was all fake images built up by burning money.

Pei Qian asked about the other aspects in more detail and finally drew a conclusion: ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ was safe for now.

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“Phew... I must have been overthinking.

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“Shared projects like that should continue to burn money for a long time in the beginning. How could it start generating profits so soon? That’s impossible.

“I have to let it burn more money during this period, so that I can break the capital chain as soon as possible!”

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

He felt like he was racing against time. Mainly, he had to see which of them would come first: the Shared Top Student project becoming popular or him spending all his money.