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“No it’s fine. The fact that you’re willing to partner up with Sudō is already enough for me. If you run into any problems, feel free to rely on me. I might be able to do something to lend a hand.”

“Mhm, thanks~ Anywho, see ya later~ Bye-bye~!”

While I failed to establish a connection with Class 1-A, this was more than enough for the time being.

“I guess that’s that.”

After I hung up the ongoing call on Sudō’s phone, I called Horikita using my own.

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[Well done. It looks like everything worked out one way or another.]

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Words of appreciation practically flew out of Horikita’s mouth as soon as she picked up the call.

“I get the feeling that we were saved by Amasawa’s merciful judgment, though.”

[Even so, this has gone and solved Sudō’s problem. It’s quite the accomplishment.]

It was wrong of us to have cheated Amasawa, but we made it through in the end nonetheless.

The only thing left to do now was wait for Sudō to come and pick up his phone from my room and accept the application.

And given the time, he’d probably show up soon.

[Why did you ask Amasawa-san to act as our intermediary with Class 1-A? Her personality and number of friends aside, you can imagine how difficult it would be for her to negotiate with Class 2-D, right?]

Horikita had never mentioned winning over Class 1-A back when she was laying out her strategy for this special exam.

The sole reason for this was the difficulty that would come with trying to establish a cooperative relationship with each other.

“It was just a formality. It’s true that our class is having a hard time finding partners, so it would’ve seemed unnatural if I didn’t try to put that into words.”

If we didn’t have any other options, we needed to give off the impression that we were grasping at straws when reaching out to others.

Not doing so could be taken as a sign that our class was pushing forward with another strategy.