how to save money on car insurance

how to save money on car insurance

However, Jiang Yuan quickly entered the next segment while the audience was still discussing.

“The advantages and disadvantages of these new technologies have been explained in detail.”

“Next is the price segment.”

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“Otto G1 cell phone, starting price: 9899 yuan, high storage version price: 9999 yuan.”

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“In addition, we have also released a special custom-made Mission and Choice version at 10199 yuan!”

“This cell phone has been specially optimized for many Tengda mobile games. The design of the double key would greatly improve your gaming experience...”

“This cell phone contains the same full set of Tengda benefits as E1. If a customer with an E1 cell phone buys our G1 cell phone, they can also enjoy the exclusive plan by trading in their old phone.”

“That’s because E1 cell phones and G1 cell phones both contain the benefits of Tengda. Therefore, old users do not need to purchase Tengda cell phones repeatedly. They can enjoy a 3,000 yuan discount. In addition, E1 cell phones can be recycled to further reduce your purchase costs...”

The announcement segment and price segment of the new cell phone came out almost one after the other. It was only a few minutes apart. Therefore, a series of numbers had already slapped their faces before the people in the venue could react.

Previously, many people had thought that this was a concept prototype that could not be mass-produced. They had thought that it was meant to show off their skills. However, everyone was stunned once the price was out.

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“This is not a concept prototype. It has already been mass-produced to be sold!”

“Holy sh*t, this special commemorative version of Mission and Choice is so cool!”

“What’s with the pricing? The special commemorative version is only just a little more expensive? The high storage version is only more expensive by so much? Whoever buys the ordinary version would be an idiot!”