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However, more people seemed to think that the advertisements in the film had some other meanings when they went into an in-depth exploration of the film.

Some people watched the movie twice or thrice just to study all the advertisements clearly.

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Everyone was surprised to find that the logos on these advertisements seemed very similar to Tengda’s existing industries after comparing them to the projects on Tengda’s website.

For example, the advertisements of a certain novel website in the movie were obviously made from Zhongdian Chinese Network’s logo.

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The logo of a certain virtual reality entertainment room in the movie also had some strange similarities to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. One would not recognize it at first glance, but one would find it getting more familiar the more one looked at it!

That led to a keen interest in these brands by the audiences!

Some went to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, some ordered ROF system units... others went to Zhongdian Chinese Network to read web novels...

The one thing that threw Pei Qian into despair was the Fish-Catching Complex in Lincheng!

Pei Qian went there once when it started operation. He thought that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 2.0 would at most have an attendance rate of 60 to 70%!,(MISSING) but it was full on its first day of opening!

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What would the situation there be then?

Imagine being someone who was a resident in Lincheng:

They came to the cinema one fine day. They casually looked at the comments on posts of ‘Tomorrow is Beautiful’, and they found a post titled ‘Deep Analysis of Original Brands in the Advertisements of the Movie’.

They found out in surprise that the industries written in the post-including the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, ROF Computer-Installation, Upwind Logistics, etc.—were all nearby or even at their doorstep! They would have the following options then:

One, they could go there and take a look. They could even buy something and take a photo as a memorial. The other option would be to control curiosity and go home to bed. It was very easy to know what most people would choose!