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At first, Pei Qian stood up and wanted to leave. However, after taking two steps, he realized that there were many people at the exit. If he left now, he would be squeezed into a crowd. After some thought, he sat back down in the middle of the crowd. He took a look at the expedition ceremony and waited for everyone to leave before leaving.

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He would arrive at his hotel in five minutes anyway, he was in no hurry.

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At that moment, an audience member who was about to leave suddenly had a stroke of inspiration. He took out his cell phone and took a photo of Pei Qian’s back in the empty front row.


In the photo, Pei Qian sat in the middle of the first row of audience seats. In front of him was the competition stage and the big screen. His lonely back view was particularly eye-catching.

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On the stage, the fifteen players of the three teams were lined up in a row. The five players of FV Club returned after finishing their supper. They stood in the middle, closest to the front, and echoed Boss Pei in the audience.

In fact, Pei Qian had originally been seated near the front row because he did not want to attract too much attention. However, he happened to sit right in the middle after he tried to leave but decided against it.

The enthusiastic viewer took a look at the photo and was very satisfied with the composition. He posted it online.

Another new world famous painting: The Last Spectator!

December 12th, Monday…

Pei Qian slept in the hotel until eleven in the morning. He ate something after checking out and headed straight to the high-speed rail station to return to Jingzhou.

Wu Yue and Manager Lu wanted to hold a lunch banquet but were rejected by Pei Qian.

The competition over the weekend was a nightmare for Pei Qian. All he wanted to do now was to leave Shanghai and return to Jingzhou. Then, he would stay at home and play games while covering himself with his blanket.

Pei Qian adjusted his state of mind on the high-speed rail back to Jingzhou. Only then did he take out his cell phone to check the idiotic netizens’ comments on the competition yesterday.