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“That’s why we cannot deal with this problem in a cookie-cutter way. We have to try our best to guide everyone, so that they can have fun and relax when playing games without getting addicted. I think that’s the right direction.

“That’s the message that Director Zhu is trying to convey through these short videos. That’s also the aim of my character in the videos.”

Old Pei nodded subtly as he listened.

These words sounded much more convincing when Director Zhu said them! Pei Qian could tell that Old Pei’s attitude towards games had relaxed considerably!

“This director really isn’t bad, then. He has a clear direction! What is his name?”

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Pei Qian answered, “Zhu Xiaoce.”

“How old is Director Zhu?”

“He’s in his final year of university.”

“He’s young and promising!” Old Pei gave a look of admiration. “He’s so young, and yet he speaks so much sense. If he really becomes the boss of a games company, that would be great.”

Pei Qian nodded profusely. “Who says he isn’t?!”

Mom was still holding onto the laptop, watching the videos. “Son, you act very well. I want to watch it a few more times. Son, copy this into our home computer.”

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There was an old desktop at home which Pei Qian bought when he was in high school. It was already terribly slow.

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Pei Qian transferred the video into