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There was a saying that ‘a thousand readers had a thousand Hamlets’. Some authors believe that after a piece of work had been completed, it belonged to all readers; and the author himself didn’t have the only true interpretation.

Evidently, Boss Pei had a similar thought process for his games.

Although Boss Pei had done such a splendid modification to Repent and be Saved, he was not expecting that players would discover or chase after it.

In other words, in Boss Pei’s eyes, even if no one discovered his alterations and it continued to be buried for months or even years before someone managed to strike gold; that didn’t matter to him!

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Perhaps, Boss Pei even hoped that it wouldn’t be discovered.

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No wonder Boss Pei had repeatedly emphasized that this special addition to the game should not be broadcasted.

This was Boss Pei’s level of attainment!

Li Yada felt a little aggrieved that such a wonderful segment of the game might actually be buried; she felt really terrible.

However, she could understand Boss Pei’s heart and felt that she could not leak this information out.

Although she was very conflicted-after thinking about this matter repeatedly, Li Yada still decided to listen to Boss Pei’s instruction.

“What I can do now is try to perfect all the details in the game and try to erase the minor flaws that Boss Pei hadn’t managed to change in time. If a player really found out about this, he cannot encounter any bugs; I must give the lucky players the most perfect gaming experience!”

Li Yada adjusted her thick spectacles as she was filled with vigor all of a sudden. She seemed to get an inkling of why every chief planner that Boss Pei had promoted had so much energy and strength.

That was because someone like Boss Pei could naturally stir up emotional appeal such that people working under him would want to strive and push ahead!

At this time-in his office, this natural leader that could stir up emotional appeal and make people strive and push ahead… was looking at his own screen. He had an impulsive rage at this moment.

I’m so angry!

Although Pei Qian had already arranged his special weapon in the game, the weapon wasn’t omnipotent.