How to make money on Taobao Taobao

How to make money on Taobao Taobao

The team in charge of data analysis was very rigorous. They strictly followed Pei Qian’s instructions.

The so-called publicity effect might have a positive or negative effect.

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If negative news became too big, it would also create popularity for projects and achieve publicity effect.

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Thus, if he wanted to get the highest commission of 200,000 yuan, he had to spend a huge amount of publicity funds and then quietly do it.

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In his previous life, smartphones had started getting common and trending during 2010 to 2011. Alongside the wave, some of the popular mobile games such as card games started appearing around 2012.

However, smartphones had appeared earlier in this world and so by 2008, there were already card games.

By now, 2009, card games were commonplace.

When they were just introduced, card games were truly innovative and were popular for a long time.

However, due to the large amount of copycats, gamers were already sick of it and something as simple such as earning money just by creating something similar was no longer existent.

In this world, the progenitor of card games was called Qute Three Kingdoms. The reason it was popular was due to the same few reasons – cartoonish and cute style, traditional card gameplay et cetera.

In 2008, back when the Three Kingdoms’ IP wasn’t commonplace yet, gamers were more accepting of it in general.

However, thanks to the trend of smartphones, the game singlehandedly created a miracle and earned the creators a huge pot of gold such that their competitors were brimming with jealousy.

In this world, the game editors were extremely advanced and many indie creators can enter the playing field with ease. With that, all sorts of copycat card games started spouting out, causing the initial craze for card games that could have lasted for three to five years to burn out within just one.

As of now, gamers viewed card games with a sense of disdain and reluctance.

That was exactly what Pei Qian wanted!

Other than that, he had also noticed a huge difference between Qute Three Kingdoms and card games in his previous world.

In terms of paywalling, it was the complete opposite.

The game could be purchased with a fixed price of 5 yuan. Other than that, the in-game items were sold at a rather fair price. The concept of receiving a rare card by topping up 2,000 yuan or the likes of those did not exist in this world at all.