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Since the school wasn’t allowed to provide any aid, Shinohara would have to get to the harbor all by herself.

After the first-years and Sakagami-sensei left, Shinohara went to pick up her bag, only for Ike to hurriedly grab her wrist.


“D-don’t give me that…! Are you really just gonna go back to the starting area and wait there!?”

“What other choice do I have? Komiya-kun and Kinosh*ta-san aren’t here anymore… There’s absolutely no way I can make it through this special exam on my own.”

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“But, but like─”

“I’m just gonna be expelled anyway, so leave me alone!”

She jerked her arm away, breaking free of Ike’s grasp, and immediately turned to leave.

Ike stood frozen, his teeth clenched in silence.

The Ike of the past probably wouldn’t have had the strength to keep moving forward, to keep trying.

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But Komiya’s words had given him the push he needed to take the next step.

“I… I’ll do something about it!”

He shouted after Shinohara, watching helplessly as she began to close herself off to the world around her.

“Just stop. It’s impossible. Absolutely impossible.”

Shinohara just continued to walk without even considering entertaining Ike’s protests.

“It’s not impossible!”