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Sid was puzzled by the unexpected situation, but he immediately calmed his mind and went on guard. After that, when the cold air released from〈Vanargand〉cleared up, Allen, who should have been riddled with wounds, stood up on both feet. The numerous wounds carved onto his body were nowhere to be found. In addition, his appearance was obviously different from the past.

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Long white hair that has emerged softly.

A black pattern that appeared near the bottom of the left eye.

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And above all – a brutal look that does not bear the slightest resemblance to his usual self.

As though he had transformed into a completely different person.

Allen looked around the surroundings and lifted the corners of his mouth greatly.

「It’s been sooooooooo bloody long… Oi! How many hundreds of millions of years – No, how many billions of years has it been!? It has developed quite a lot, E”e!?」

Allen shook his shoulders in a good mood and started laughing on his own.

While Ria, Rose, and everyone else in the place looked astonished,

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「…So he came out after all.」

Leia was the only one who had a sharp eye on Allen.

Having finished laughing, he muttered as if speaking to himself.

「Even so… Having this much incredible power, and not being able to draw out even a slight portion of it… You really are talentless in a sense… Allen.」

It was aimed at Allen, the owner of the body.

Sid asked Allen, who has made a strange transformation.

「Bastard… who are you? Don’t tell me『Spirit Core』?」