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Why didn’t you say that earlier!

If you had said that earlier, I might not have sold it!

Can’t you think for yourself?

Pei Qian realized that his subordinates were a bunch of people wise after the fact. They would only come to the conclusion that Boss Pei was wise after earning all the money every time. What were they doing earlier then?

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If you had analyzed it earlier, would Boss Pei have been so ‘wise’ so many times?!

Pei Qian felt very tired.

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On the other hand, Ma Yang was still flipping through the contracts, trying his best to check the details in the contracts. His long face was filled with a serious expression. Those who did not know would think that he really understood.

“Eh, Brother Qian, what’s the meaning of this? Bunny Tail’s live-streaming of the ICL league would be 30 seconds faster than other platforms?”

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Chen Yufeng quickly explained, “Oh, this was suggested by Boss Zhao. He was afraid that we would be at a disadvantage, so he added a little more.”

Pei Qian: “...”

Why the f*ck was he afraid of suffering losses!

Have you ever seen a profiteering way by first losing out through buying exclusive broadcasting rights and then double the profits in two weeks? Did Boss Zhao suffer too many blows previously and become mentally unsound?

As for being 30 seconds faster than other live-stream platforms...