Making WeChat mission online

Making WeChat mission online

He felt that something was amiss!

Bao Xu had always been low-profile and careful. He was afraid that he would be exposed to everyone and be voted as the second best employee to travel.

Later on, he realized that he had been mistaken for having nothing to do after keeping a low profile and he still had to travel. That was why he decided to find something to do.

However, finding something to do did not mean that it would be earth-shattering!

Wouldn’t they all be sent back and become the second best employee to travel?

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Thus, Bao Xu’s goal was to let everyone know that he was busy but did not achieve much results.

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However, why was Boss Pei treating him to a meal now? And only him?

Such an honor was rare!

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Did that mean that he had gone overboard in helping out at the snack market?

The more Bao Xu thought about it, the more flustered he became. He would not have been in the mood to eat if the food was not so delicious.

Pei Qian felt that it was almost time to eat.

“Bao Xu, you’re an old employee of Tengda now. You’ve worked hard for so many years!”

“I have a commendation letter here. Take a look. Are you satisfied?”

Pei Qian smiled and handed the printed commendation letter to the waiter, who passed it to Bao Xu.

The table was a little big and the two of them were seated furthest apart, therefore they had no choice but to let the waiter help pass the letter over.