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“Instead of telling you how many points I could get, I’ll tell you how many points I’ve decided to get.”

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“W-what the heck? You’re saying some crazy stuff.”

The exam had five subjects in total. Since one subject had to be saved for my competition with Horikita, I had no intention of cutting any corners at all.

However, if I went all out in all five subjects, my reputation among others would change completely.

“400 points.”

“…Seriously? Wait a sec, 400 points is…”

“The equivalent of an A rating in Academic Ability.”

Even amongst our classmates, it was a domain that only a few honor students like Keisei and Horikita could hope to reach.

To be precise, it would’ve been more accurate to say nearly 400 points, but I felt no need to correct myself.

“And you’re sayin’ you think you can score that well?”

“Of course. There hasn’t been a problem I couldn’t solve ever since I enrolled here.”

I didn’t know how many high-difficulty questions this exam would contain, but compared to what I studied back in the White Room, it seemed fair to assume the exam wouldn’t be that difficult.

After noticing that she looked physically incapable of understanding what I was talking about, I decided to call Kei back to reality.

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“Now that I’ve seen what you’re working with, I want you to keep that sense of danger of yours in mind and concentrate on your studies.”

“Well… I guess I’ll study with you for a bit and then head back home…”

It was only just past 7:00, so I didn’t think there was an issue with working hard for another hour or so.

It would probably be useful to see more so that I could tell Yōsuke about Kei’s current skill level tomorrow.

“Alright. Ready to get started then?”