Is it true that the webwork part-time platform can make money?

Is it true that the webwork part-time platform can make money?

However, on the third day, the box office of Mission and Choice suddenly began to rise against the trend. Gou Yan application raised the estimated box office to 500 million yuan.

A week later, the daily box office of Mission and Choice increased instead of decreasing. This made the Gou Yan application’s box office estimation algorithm completely confused. Obviously, 500 million yuan was not enough. Gou Yan application raised the estimated box office to 800 million yuan!

Many people on the internet were puzzled by this number. They thought that Gou Yan application might have underestimated the box office at the beginning and gave a very excessive number now that they were slapped in the face and felt a little embarrassed.

At the moment, the peak of domestic movies’ box office was a very outstanding comedy film. The box office exploded under the right circumstances, making 11 billion yuan directly. The previous box office champion was basically around 6-800 million yuan.

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Many film critics thought that a box office explosion of 11 billion yuan was something that could only be chanced upon by luck. The 800 million yuan that Gou Yan application had estimated for Mission and Choice had basically reached the level of the domestic box office champion this year. They would still be strong competitors even if they could not win this box office championship in the end.

In recent years, the box office of Hollywood blockbusters has been around 600 million to 1 billion yuan. The box office that Gou Yan application had estimated for Mission and Choice was even comparable to those popular Hollywood blockbusters.

This made many people feel that it was ridiculous. That was because even though they too felt that Mission and Choice’s quality was too high, the key was that the first day’s box office was too little. The publicity was also completely lacking. Relying on these to reach 800 million box office? That was a little too unreal.

That was because there did not seem to be any precedent for domestic movies to become box office winners with no publicity!

What’s more, the true investment amount in the movie ‘Mission and Choice’ had sparked discussions online.

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Someone revealed that ‘Mission and Choice’ had invested at least 200 million yuan. It could only be more. What’s more, almost all of the money had been spent on film production. The actors’ remuneration and publicity fees were almost negligible.

If the final box office earnings were 600 million yuan, it would mean that the movie had worked for nothing. It would not make losses nor profit. It would only make a small profit if it was 800 million yuan.

However, this number was not confirmed. Some people felt that it was bragging, while others felt that the number was probably true after seeing the special effects in the movie. They could not help but worry about Fei Huang Workspace, afraid that they would not be able to recoup their costs even if the movie was good.

On the other hand, the sales volume of the game for the first week had already reached 800,000 sets!

According to the calculation of 158 yuan per game, Tengda’s total income had reached more than 80 million yuan.

This figure also surprised many professional media personnel in the country.

That was because it was indeed incomparable to the foreign market even though the domestic standalone game’s sales had improved. Mission and Choice was a Real-time strategy game. There was already a limited group of target audience. It was already a pleasant surprise that they could obtain such sales.

Many people expressed that Boss Pei’s godly marketing tactic before the game was released had a very good effect. Many sentimental local gamers bought ‘Mission and Choice’ without any hesitation to express their support for domestically-produced games even though they did not play RTS games at all. It was touching.

What’s more, the game’s lifespan was longer than the movie. The movie could only be released for a month. Most of the income would be generated within that month. The game’s lifespan could be one or two years or even longer. After that, it could continue to generate income through discounts.

What’s more, ‘Mission and Choice’ was a large production. It had the potential to become a hit in the overseas market. They could earn another sum when the movie was released overseas and the game was released on the overseas gaming platform.