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Hebei online part-time earning method

He proposed Class B, a class that everyone in Class D had wanted to avoid.

“Even an idiot can be useful depending on what ya do with ‘em.”

With that, Ryūen turned his back on Ishizaki and began to leave.

“P-please wait! How, how could we possibly beat Class B!?”

Ishizaki scrambled to his feet and called after him.

“Ryūen-san! Ryūen-saaan!”

But Ishizaki’s cries didn’t stop him from walking away.

(Part 1 End)

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As the one accredited with overthrowing Ryūen, Ishizaki’s influence within Class D wasn’t exactly low.

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However, that didn’t mean that there weren’t any problems.

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The one who should’ve been expelled during the provisional exam, Ryūen, was still here. The class had focused their censure votes on Manabe in order to threaten her a little, but she ended up being expelled instead. Naturally, many students felt suspicious of this.

Of course, the first question in everyone’s mind was: ‘Who exactly was it that cast such a large number of praise votes for Ryūen?’

Had someone within Class D voted for him? Or, if it was another class, which one?

A lot of theories were repeatedly being tossed around as Class D tried to reason out what had happened.