Let the other party to recharge

Let the other party to recharge


People around me were confused by my sudden appearance, and even the hoodlums asked, “What’s going on?” while upset.

“Don’t... ah? ...... what are you doing... brother... I said not to put your hand in this, yeh?”

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Bro asked me, wiping the blood that was dripping.

“When did I become one of you? Why should I listen to you?”

“...... Kakkakka.... why, then, you usually shouldn’t interfere, because it’s got nothing to do with you?”

“Still, if you keep doing unpleasant things in front of me, I’d get anxious. Don’t do these things in public.”

“What the hell is that? An irrational argument.”

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“I guess we’re alike in that regard.”

We began throwing verbal jabs at each other.

As for Bro, he would have tried to take responsibility by letting the other party do as they pleased until they were satisfied.

But I interfered.

“Hey, don’t ignore me... Earth...... you disappeared in the Commemorative Match before. What are you doing here? Is that it?”