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“Wow, look at that blonde girl! She’s really beautiful!”


Talking about an adorable girl is something utterly irrelevant to me. It’s a conversation of another world.

After that, I don’t know whether they are bored with talking about the blonde girl, they started glancing at me.

…I hate this. So, I decided to head to the toilet.

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On the way, I can see what’s happening in other classrooms. The most notable one is a guy with spiky hair like he’s from an Akira Toriyama’s manga. He’s letting out weird “Yay -w!” screams at the center of the classroom. …This world is filled with unbelievable people.

I continued my way. Then, there’s a seaweed hair girl walking to me.

I’ll bump into her. So, I went right. She did the exact same thing at the same time. After that, we always moved in the same direction, no matter how many times we repeated it.

“I-I’m sorry.”

Even our apology sounded the same. Moreover, I think both of us are really timid. We plopped our heads down and didn’t look at each other. It just makes the situation harder.

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In the end, we spent nearly a minute resolving this.

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In front of the toilet, I can see a black hair twin-tailed girl holding a bunch of books.

I would be happy to help her if I’m a light novel MC. However, I’m just a weak passerby.

Just as I’m hesitating, her friends came along.

“Aguri-chan, I’m here to help.”