Is the online contribution really make money?

Is the online contribution really make money?

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Crazy, they were all crazy. He originally planned for these 1,000 cell phones to be placed in the storage until the next cycle. Now, they were sold out before two minutes!

That included the time everyone spent typing on the screen. The ‘sold out’ sign would probably be even faster if it was not because they had to fill up the address. Everyone reluctantly prepared to leave while sprouting vulgarities. “Hunger marketing! F*ck!”

“What can 1,000 units in stock do? I’m so pissed off!”

“Damn, I should have just gone to the website when the news conference started when they announced such limited stocks! I did not react

“When will it be restocked?”

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“They are really blinded by money. What’s wrong with the cell phone producers nowadays? Do they have to engage in hunger marketing before they can sell?” Pei Qian was pulled along by the crowd. Now, he felt miserable.

It really wasn’t hunger marketing!

Hunger marketing was indeed hunger marketing, but I did not have any plans to sell!

I planned to produce 1,000 units with little losses, but you bought all of them. I didn’t expect this to happen! I did not blame all of you even though you’ve bought all the goods, and yet you are blaming me?

Pei Qian had nowhere to vent his anger.

So... what could he do next?

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Pei Qian grew worried.

A staff member saw Boss Pei as soon as he walked to the door and quickly pulled him aside. “Boss Pei, come quickly, Vice President Chang is waiting!”

Pei Qian was dragged to the preparation room next to the venue with a dazed expression. As soon as he entered, he heard a ‘bang’.

Fireworks and ribbons are flying in the air, it seemed like... there was also a champagne cork?