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The VR experience area had not been officially opened because the VR glasses at Slow Movement Studio had not been developed and mass-produced when compared to the initial plan. The big screen outside was still under construction. The snack vendors and chefs in the gourmet area had not been filled up yet, but there should not be a problem with the human traffic during the trial period.

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All the products and staff of the experience shop were in position apart from that.

A commercial car stopped at the entrance of Golden Prosperity Square.

Yao Bo got out of the car and looked up to see the huge LED display that was being renovated. He also saw the interior of the Tengda experience shop through the huge glass wall.

The car door on the other side opened as well. Zhou Muyan alighted from the car and looked at the impressive experience shop. “As expected of Boss Pei. The first experience shop is so generous!”

Yao Bo smiled. “Of course, since when has Boss Pei been stingy! Let’s go.”

The two of them walked into the experience shop.

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The two of them had traveled all the way to Jingzhou to learn from him.

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They wanted to see what Tengda’s experience shop was like!

Tengda might not have publicized the experience shop but Yao Bo and Zhou Muyan were well-informed. Naturally, they knew that the experience shop had just started its test run today.

There was no need to shop in other brands’ experience shops because there were only so many things. They would not learn much from it.

However, Tengda’s experience shop was different!

Everyone knew that turning something rotten into something magical was one of Boss Pei’s best abilities as a boss.

Boss Pei would always be able to find a new business model no matter which industry he entered.

Apart from that, Boss Pei was also unique in management, project publicity, investment, and other aspects of the company.

He would probably be able to come up with teaching material for every one of them.