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A student of Class A, Sayakanagi Arisu.

She came in with Mashima-sensei. An unexpected guest.

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I didn’t remember calling her, and I didn’t think Mashima-sensei would bring her here himself.

“I’m a student of Class A, so even if others see me walking with Mashima-sensei, there’s isn’t a problem.”

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Needless to say, Sakayanagi must have followed Mashima-sensei here.

“I received a notification from Chabashira-sensei. But Sakayanagi here said she was related to this incident, so I brought her…”

Chairman Sakayanagi probably told his daughter about the phone call to confirm that I had contacted him through his daughter.

But was that really related to why Sakayanagi was here?

Was she following orders, or was this just mere curiosity?

9 times out of 10, it’s the latter.

“No problem, it’s within the realms of my expectations.”

I accepted this visitor as someone I should welcome and responded accordingly.

Sakayanagi nodded slightly with a smile.

Then, without even looking at Chabashira’s direction, Mashima-sensei closed the door to the reception room.

It seems like Chabashira couldn’t understand why Sakayanagi was here.

Mashima-sensei was the same.

Regardless of that, all the necessary people were in place.