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It didn’t seem like she was the type to fight reckless battles. Rather, she took on a more orthodox approach where she looked to methodically force her opponent into the corner.

Making a conscious effort to avoid getting caught up in your opponent’s pace had been the right choice for her to make.

“I’ll be making my move, then.”

On top of all of this, the fact that she had gone out of her way to warn me ahead of time was proof enough that she wasn’t very fond of plotting from behind the scenes.

Of course, that could easily be nothing more than a feint as well.

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Although the ground beneath us was relatively soft, it seemed like it would fulfill its role as the foundation for our fight quite well.


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Kicking off against the soil, Nanase closed the distance between us in a single breath.

Would she look to strike with her arms or would she instead focus on using her legs?

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Or perhaps she would make use of both?

Under more usual circumstances, I would start out by closely analyzing my opponent’s fighting style like this.

After all, if I were to strike back carelessly, Nanase might end up getting seriously injured.

And, given what was said earlier, that would only serve to put me even more of a disadvantage.

With that being the case, my next thought was to try and look to restrain her by force instead, but I feared that it was all too likely she had taken that into consideration as well.

But even so─ it still wouldn’t be a very wise choice either way.

Even though Nanase’s words alone weren’t very trustworthy, I had been sensing a presence following after us all throughout the entire day today.

There was definitely somebody, or somebodies, watching to see how things played out as they carefully maintained their distance.

Whoever they were, if they weren’t reinforcements, then it was probably safe to assume that they had been tasked with recording conclusive evidence of what happened with a tablet or something.