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Song Kai had often felt skeptical about life ever since he came to the Sloth Apartments.

Pei Qian thought about it. If Liang Qingfan was the only one in charge of the Sloth Apartments, he would naturally be overwhelmed. This project might never become popular, but the cleaning and management of the building had to be recruited.

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He must hire at least one cleaner as long as there was one resident in this building.

It would be impossible to get Liang Qingfan to do everything when there were more houses next time, right? He was an architect after all. He had to be responsible for all the design works as well as the on-site construction.

Pei Qian, therefore, was interested in observing Song Kai for a few days. If he felt that this person was ok, he would also make him the person-in-charge of Sloth Apartments to give Liang Qingfan a helping hand. “Unpack it and give me the item directly,” Pei Qian said.

Song Kai opened it, took out the squarish black box from within, and handed it to Boss Pei’s hands.

Pei Qian reached out and took it. He found that this thing was heavier than he expected, but it was not too difficult to move.

That was the improved version of the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine. Zhang Wang arranged for it to be delivered directly to Pei Qian’s residence.

Song Kai closed the door knowingly and took the empty box away.

Pei Qian held the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine and looked around the living room at a loss.

No place to put it!

This thingy was neither big nor small. It was too large to fit on the shelf as an ornament... yet too small to put in the corner of the room or next to the TV cabinet. In other words, this strange size satisfied Pei Qian.

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Pei Qian eventually still decided to put it on the coffee table after he looked around.

Then, it looked strangely appropriate. He could reach it while sitting on the chair next to it. The operation for ‘bickering’ was rather smooth as well.