Online Taobao discount 劵 part-time money?

Online Taobao discount 劵 part-time money?

“A large reason why The Lonely Desert Road got popular was due to luck as well! Besides, it costs a lot of money to create games! Where would you get your money from?”

Pei Qian coughed. “I won’t hide it from you, but I’m actually a rich second-generation heir. My family gave me 300,000. Is that enough?”

Ma Yang’s mouth dropped wide open and he only spoke after a long time, “Are you serious? You’re not kidding me?”

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Ma Yang did not know Pei Qian’s family background well, but he knew that Pei Qian wasn’t the type of guy who would pull pranks on others for fun – there was no need for him to lie to him with such a low class joke.

It was only then that Ma Yang started taking the preposition a little more seriously.

“Other than money, what about the other issues?” Ma Yang asked.

Pei Qian reversed the question. “Are there any other issues other than money?”

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Ma Yang froze momentarily. “Do you know about art resources? Do you know how to code?”

Pei Qian shook his head. “No, but is that an issue? Those resources could be bought online with money and I could hire professionals to settle them.”

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Ma Yang opened his mouth, finding it hard to express his current emotions.

Wasn’t that too naive?!

Even if you’re rich, that’s not the way to spend money!

Pei Qian patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about everything else. The only question I’m asking is if you’re willing to join in. If you are, I’ll leave you a position on the design team.”