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Keita said that as he put the box back onto the shelf. Later, he continued. “But…”

“For me, if I’m playing the game according to my thoughts, without watching any personality test walkthroughs, my results are always < Honest Person >.”

“I remembered that. …It’s a pretty versatile and normal personality, right?”

“Yep, the modifiers are pretty bland both positively and negatively. So, I guess it’s not that boring.”

T-That test result perfectly described Keita’s personality! The test is actually pretty accurate, right?

After I chuckled, Keita followed with a bitter smile…as he continued.

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“However, …at that time, I hesitated for a while. In the end, I picked the < Honest Person > instead of the < Hero >.”

“Eh? Is it okay for you to not choose the < Hero >?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I don’t think it’s cheating to spend your time picking the best personality. In other situations, I would choose to play relaxedly too. It’s just that…I can’t help but start the adventure that way.”


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Although I’m not sure where this is going, Keita’s concept fits his attitude very much. I feel like…my heart is warming up.

But, as if he’s purposely trying to make me relax, Keita suddenly brought up the topic.

“Then, …Chiaki, I want to talk about what happened on Christmas Eve.”

I held my breathing.

Keita plopped his head down awkwardly.

Actually, …I already have a rough idea of what he's going to say about that day.

(…You’ll say that’s just a misunderstanding, right?)

A serious and sincere boy like him is always loyal to Karen-san. He fell for Konoha’s trap, so he’s going to apologize and correct me. That’s why we’re hanging out today, right. …It’s because that’s what makes him Keita Amano.

I…put my hands on my chest. Then, I took a deep breath and answered him.