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My question was mixed with a bit of impatience. It made Aguri-san…answer with a slightly sad look.

“In this world, …someone is seriously in love with Amanocchi as well, not to mention the boys that like Tendou-san.”

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This made Tendou-san and I back down. Then, this time, Aguri-san turned to Tendou-san instead and spoke to her alone.

“Especially Tendou-san, …you broke up with Amanocchi because of that, right?”


Tendou-san didn’t give an answer and just looked down. Even though I don’t want to understand what Aguri-san was talking about, …I think I can get what she meant.

The incident that happened at Starry Plaza quickly and irreversibly surfaced up in my heart.

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Under the starry sky, a respectable friend of mine confessed to me. Also, -there’s Chiaki’s sincere eyes.

We plopped our heads down and remained silent. So, Aguri-san relaxed a bit and continued.

“Sorry, I’m not mad at you two. It’s just that, how should I put it? …At least, Tendou-san should be more or less responsible for…giving a ‘chance’ to Konocchi, …and Hoshinocchi.”

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Tendou-san cringed as she took a step back.

At the next second, -Konoha-san seems to perceive this change as an opportunity. A big ☆ is sparkling in her eyes as her voice became louder.

“Well, well, well, Amano-senpai, this means that you can go out with me-“

-However, she realized something and stopped in the middle of her sentence. …Then, an impressively warm smile appeared on her face for a second. …She changed her mind and spoke.

“Amano-senpai, this means that- you can go out with onee-chan next time?”