What websites have online part-time money?

What websites have online part-time money?

“That person seems to be… the new director!”

For some reason, that person seemed to be conversing with Ayanokouji-kun. What an interesting combination. Perhaps new information could be obtained by being here.

If their topic was about “strength”, being able to listen to their conversation wouldn’t be a bad result.

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“His conversation with the new director is taking a while…”

It has already been 10 minutes. If they were just exchanging pleasantries, this would be considered too long.

Could it be that Ayanokouji-kun and the director were acquaintances? They seemed to be close, but Ayanokouji-kun was expressionless as usual.

“I don’t understand…”

Maybe they were acquainted, but it also seemed like this was the first time they met, talking about many things.

Just from their movements, there didn’t seem to be any history between them.

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If I were to move a little closer, I should be able to hear the contents of their conversation. But that would be quite dangerous.

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Although I could just pretend to be a passerby, that would leave me no way to hide myself, so it seems the best choice was just to stay here.

After observing them for a while… their long conversation abruptly came to an end.

From the looks of it, the director seemed to be going back to the adults at the pharmacy not too far from here.