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"That's.....because I didn't expect any training to be going on".

"No, no. When it comes to you, that won't fly. I remember sharing a room with you back on the cruise. You should have at least a slight recollection of the fact that I'm the kind of man who never skips out on training, isn't that right?".

Surely it's out of the question for you to not remember something like that. As though saying that, Kouenji spat those words out.

"Stop acting so high and mighty all the time, Kouenji".

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It's not like he was trying to protect Keisei or anything but Ishizaki stood in front of Kouenji. From the election of our group's leader until now, Kouenji's been acting selfishly. It's understandable that the group would object strongly to that. He's probably already being treated as a disruptive element. There's no time.

The one thing I'd like to avoid is being late on the very first day. Nominally it would be someone like Hirata who'd make that call and guide the group.

However, seeing as how our group is clearly lacking a leader, that did not come to pass.

"Promise us, right here, that you'll be cooperative".

"What do you mean by promise to be cooperative? Does that mean you yourself feel loyalty towards this improvised group? I hardly see it that way".

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"I don't want to cooperate either".

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Ishizaki looks around. The prime reason for that being me and nothing else. He unintentionally ended up landing his gaze on me.

"Because of Class A. Does that reason not satisfy you?".

Hashimoto, who came down beside me, ended up receiving that gaze.

"Tch. It's not just A, it's all of them".

Lumping us all together like that, Ishizaki once again turned back to face Kouenji.