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There was no mistake, Mr. Mashima’s last words were the biggest blow today and it let us all thinking about them. A written test calculates the literary ability, in this test the superiority is determined by the class as a whole. Every time D class divided the points was put in a really tight place. That’s why this time we have to implement the rules perfectly, so that we make a difference. It seems that there is no significant disadvantage between A and D class.

“If we can endure for a week, then could we see our ‘pocket-money’ increasing substantially?”

That’s right, this is not a test in scholarly abilities, we compete for endurance in a form of a battle. While not rejecting the desire to win, we must endure patiently. So we must be able to reach high in the class rankings. Even Ike’s words were not just a dream.

“Each class will receive one copy of the manual. If somehow it is lost, a reissue is possible, but it will cost points. So, keep it safe. Again, there is one absent student from A class. Since this is a test that requires physical ability, even though the student retired due to poor health reasons we will extract 30 points from A class as a penalty. So, A class will begin with 270 points.”

A class was present, but they accepted the merciless blow. The students were trembling already with the sudden state of affairs. The other classes though, were surely looking surprised by the extraction of the 30 points.

The end of Mr. Mashima’s words signaled the end of the announcement. Each homeroom teacher was holding a megaphone and calling their respective classes, while trying to give supplementary explanations. We were gathering around our homeroom teacher Ms. Chabashira. The distance between the four classes became clear.

“From next month 30,000 points, From next month 30,000… From next month 30,000… Let’s do it!!!!!”

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Ike and the others were building a triumphant pose. The girls looked delighted as they were discussing what things were needed. The biggest desire of D class is to accumulate more points. We just have to ignore living in luxury for one week. It is really simple in words.

“Now to all the members we will distribute wrist watches. You will wear it for one week until the end of the trial. You are not allowed to take it off. In case you take it off a penalty will be implemented. This wristwatch has not just an instant time-table, it can track body temperature, your pulse rate, it detects your movements and your senses, it also has GPS. It is equipped that way so that you can use it even in a state of emergency. If you find yourselves in a state of emergency, please push this button. These were given to us gracefully by the manufacturer thanks to Ms. Chabashira.”

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As Class D was taking their tents, Ms. Chabashira brought the box to distribute the watches.

“When you say in a state of emergency… like when a bear appears?”

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“To give you an example… This is a trial, you have to look left and right, then, there is a possibility that you may find the answer to your question.”

“Hmmm… telling me something like this, it is quite scary.”

“I do not think that there are wild animals here. If any of our students got hurt, that would be a big problem. The truth is we gave these wristwatches for the well-being of our students . We are on a deserted island, so, for the sake of the school’s reputation and for the guarantee of our safety, isn’t it something that it should be done?”

With these smooth words the wristwatches were distributed for the enforcement of our safety. So it is not only the eyes of the teachers that will watch the students but also these devices will monitor the movement of the students on the island. It is exactly like having cameras in the school classes. Monitoring our physical condition, dealing with unexpected circumstances also. Plus, the helicopter that I saw on the ferry-boat. Maybe it is ready to fly in case of emergency.

As the wristwatches were distributed, each student was wearing it on the left or right hand, as they liked it.

“But is it ok to get on the water, wearing this?”

“No problem. It is waterproof. But, still in case of malfunctioning we will replace it immediately. However, we already run test management protocol by a trusted person.”