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I was bothered by the gazes from around me, but I still mumbled a reply while scratching my face:

"Well… Something like that…"

"H-How did things turn out like that…?"

Uehara-kun sat onto the seat in front of my desk, and placed his right elbow on the table menacingly.

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When the gazes of our classmates drifted away, I turned my eyes away from Uehara-kun and replied:

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"… I guess it’s our difference in values and beliefs…"

"Huh? Hey hey hey, I heard that Hoshinomori is a loner girl who likes games. What is this about? Is she a fujoshi who only plays BL games?"

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"N-No, it’s not that… The games we like are almost the same… And our game preference is so alike that she is practically my body double…"

"? Eh, or is she actually a hidden normie, or her personality is very repulsive… something like that?"

“No, it’s not that either… Her experiences were almost the same as mine, and we got along fine as if she was my doppelganger. To be honest, she speaks a little nerdy, but that makes it more relaxing and I was less conscious about her being a girl. She was more like a friend to me than you who is lofty for some reason.”


“I like you the best.”

I tried smiling amiably, but it seemed to be disgusting too, spoiling Uehara-kun’s mood badly. With a solemn face, he asked:

“I don’t get it at all. Shouldn’t you two get along great? Not just friends, she might as well be your fated partner.”

“Erm… That’s true. We did hit it off great.”