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“What are you doing, Kron...”

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“Ara, I’ve been discovered. But don’t worry about it, please continue.”

How long have you been there? Were you listening to me talking alone?

『Rest assured. She was not present during our conversation.』

In the meantime, Tre’ainar assured me that she had not heard anything important, but I was still a little nervous.

Because if I win the tournament, we’ll...

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“No, just, what are you doing, you...”

I mean, what are you doing in the first place?

The cherished goddess was alone. no.....

『Do not be there. Not in the sky.』

I don’t dare look up. But right above me. I felt a presence in the distant sky.

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A winged woman was watching from a distance, close enough to swoop down at any time if anything happens.

However, the fact that she’s watching at a distance in this way means that me and Kron are officially authorized to talk to each other.

Then Kron, who had been hiding behind a tree, smiled and showed herself.

A basket in hand that seemed stuffed full of something.

“I brought Earth’s lunch. I thought we could eat it together.”